Commercial Mats

No matter what your industry, your workplace can make use of commercial mats. We have an extensive selection, allowing us to meet even the most abstract of needs. From hospitals to cafes, factories to offices, our range of commercial floor mats are designed to keep your employees and customers safe and your workplace clean and hazard free.

Outdoor Mats

Your entrance way is often the first thing your clients see when they approach your business, which is why quality custom outdoor mats are so important.

Indoor Mats

With so many applications, commercial entrance mats are a must for any business.

Logo Mats

Are you after matting that does a little bit more for your business than simply protect your floors?

Dry Area Anti Fatigue Mats

Whatever the task, spending hours working on your feet can be incredibly tiring, both physically and mentally.

Wet Area Anti Fatigue Mats

We know how tiring it can be to stand on your feet all day – but it’s even harder when you’re having to navigate slippery surfaces at the same time.

Non Slip Matting

When you come across a slippery floor – either from water, grease, or just a surface that doesn’t provide your shoes with any grip – our non slip rubber matting could be just what you need.

Grease Proof Matting

Often, certain environments and workplaces are exposed to more hazardous situations, from slippery floors to chemical spills.

Matting generally has two purposes – it’s either used for entrance ways, to keep the building free from dirt and debris, or it’s used as a non-slip surface, to ensure a safe workplace. We offer an extensive selection that meets these requirement’s, as well as a number of other scenarios, such as gym or playground matting, and logo mats to help promote your brand.

If you’re looking for commercial floor mats for entrance ways, then we can help. Our entry matting will keep dirt and water from being trekked through your building, so you can enjoy a cleaner workplace, and less maintenance into the future. Our commercial door mats will also improve your façades appearance, and you can print your logo onto them for maximum exposure.

Perhaps you’re looking for safety matting. If that’s the case, our commercial rubber mats come in a wide variety of non-slip, grease proof, or anti-static options, depending on your needs. Non-slip matting is ideal for wet areas, such as a restaurant kitchen or commercial pool, and are designed to prevent slipping. Our grease proof matting is also a great addition to a commercial kitchen, or any other environment that is often exposed to wet, muddy or oily conditions.

These days, our anti fatigue mats are becoming increasingly popular, as the health and safety of workers extends beyond the obvious slips and falls. Long term damage from aches and pains caused by days spent on your feet can be reduced with soft support for your feet. Not only will your employees be more comfortable, but their productivity will increase as a result.

Whatever you’re looking for, from safety matting to commercial door mats, rest assured we have the answer. We’re committed to providing your workplace with both functional and attractive matting, and our commercial mats across Melbourne are sure to meet your needs.